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Hello, I'm Chevonne - a sociologist-designer focusing on user experience and product development. My sociology, communication studies, and design background allows me to create aesthetic and feasible design solutions that link revenue to creating social benefits.

Through sociology, I have developed analytical skills and an in-depth perspective on people and society, and product design has been instrumental in helping me to solve problems. My interests also include social issues, which I regularly address in my writing. Occasionally, I also host family salons, leading discussions on topics such as society, culture, gender, identity, technology, and self-development.

Aside from design, I am interested in observing life and culture. As much as I enjoy traveling, I treat it as academic research. The research prior to travel often excites me more than the trip itself. I tend to read a lot of materials and learn about the humanities and geography. After the trip, I would also compile the records of the journey and write a travelogue with my perceptions and understanding. 

I love thrifting and own a vintage furniture shop. I feel a great sense of accomplishment by giving the discarded things a second life and allowing the artifact's beauty to pass through the river of time. Through thrifting, I became more aware of the trap of consumerism and shifted to more conscious and ethical shopping behavior. That's how I get inspired to design the SPOOR

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